Restorative Yoga

2018RelaxingTheme800pxSaturday, December 14, 4-6pm, Carlow Mandala Yoga Studio, €25   BOOK

 Immerse yourself in this gentle, restorative afternoon practice.

Ease out tension in body and mind.

Trigger your body’s natural healing powers through deep breathing and supported poses.

Release tension deeply with gently held stretches.

Gentle flowing sequences and restorative poses will nourish the body. Mindful breathing brings a meditative quality to the practice.

This workshop is scheduled to conicide with the waning moon, when energy can be lower. Take this time to restore and replenish your self. Beginners are welcome; suitable for all.

Read more about Pam's experiences of restorative yoga here!



Shadow-style Hatha Yoga

Saturday, January 18, Carlow Mandala Yoga Studio, €30    BOOK

Shadow yoga draws our attention inwards first, and guides the physical shape of our practice from that origin. Founded by Shanor Remete, shadow yoga removes obstructions in the physical body in three stages through the three Prelude forms. With roots in traditional hatha yoga and influences from the martial arts and Indian dance, Shadow yoga cultivates natural rhythm, coordination, grace, and power.

This workshop will establish firm foundations for your practice. The first step is to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, develop joint mobility and improve coordination of body, limbs and breath.

Suitable for all levels.





1 February 2020, Carlow Mandala Studio, €30chakrasColor

Designed for teachers but open to all those with some yoga experience, this workshop will delve into the fundamentals of good and safe alignment. Further details TBC!








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