Welcome! These free guides have been developed to encourage your home practice. The guides are suitable for those with some basic knowledge of yoga, as they provide visual sequencing and audio guides to support instruction you receive in class.

Audio Guides (mp3)

pam butler yoga 41Gentle WarmUp


pam butler yoga 54Surya Namaskar  


pam butler yoga 67 Seated Pose Practice  


pam butler yoga 20100602 4815 Guided Relaxation


pam butler yoga 20100602 4817 Meditation


PDF Downloads

sunSurya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)


pam-butler-yoga 20Home Practice - Sequencing Guide

14sideanglefromhip900lightStanding Pose Practice Guide


Video guides

Hatha yoga (Shadow-style) warm up

This short video is a visual guide for Pam's students.


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