Are you considering one-to-one instruction? Private lessons can be appropriate and beneficial in certain circumstances, for example:


  • If you are a beginner and you are reluctant to join a class. Sometimes an injury or limited mobilitymay be part of the reason. In these cases, a very gradual, tailor-made practice can be developed.


  • If you have an established home practice and can't find the right class / teacher to deepen your practice. An occasional private lesson can help to to address specific issues.

  • If you have a particular difficulty to contend with (illness, injury, chronic condition) that makes a group setting unsuitable.


Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your circumstances.

Private lessons are normally conducted as follows:

Duration:  60 minutes is standard. Shorter sessions may sometimes be appropriate. Longer sessions are rarely needed.

Frequency: For beginners, sometimes 3 or 4 weekly sessions in a row are needed to get some basic principles in place. The intention is always to encourage self-practice and either spread the sessions out to monthly (or longer), or to get to a point where group classes are appropriate.

Developing your practice: It is important that the practice develops organically. Free pdf downloads to guide you are here. There are plenty of references online if needed. However, practising what you retain is the most beneficial and natural way to develop your own practice.

Structure: First consultation and class: 60 minutes. Basic background and health issues are discussed. Mobility is tested. Initial goals are agreed, and may be adjusted later. A simple plan is put in place.

Subsequent sessions: Review previous session and discuss issues as needed. Build on what has been learned.

Venue: Usually at the client's home or similar clean, warm, and with enough space for 2 yoga mats. Room rental cost is the responsibility of the client.

Cost: €55 for first session, €50 thereafter. This assumes a reasonable (15 km) travel distance. Further locations may incur a travel surcharge which will be agreed as needed. Up to three people can be accommodated in a private session, at an additional cost of €10 per person.

Please feel free to inquire further: contact Pam.

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